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4 string 2015

5 string 2014

1/2 size 2001
Ceruti copy, 2011 5 string 2013 5 String 2009

The Violectra Cello: 

Cellists can presently choose between 

4/4, 7/8 and size instrument models. 

New models can be made to measure.

Standard Features:

BODY:- A streamlined body with symmetrical extending arms at neck block for contact point with the player's body and the addition of  lower corners for contact with the player's  knee .

NECK:- The continuation of the neck under the whole length of fingerboard offering strength to resist string tension.

SCROLL:- Strings are carried over nut to holes through scroll. String ball ends lock into recessed holes on the back face of profiled scroll.Customised scroll option upon enquiry.

DBJ says " With the invention of specially tensioned strings, the Violectra Cello has the opportunity of two 5 string instruments with the popular low F tuning or as a high E tuning. Combining them both for a 6 string would be pushing the boundaries on one instrument. 

Violectra Cello: Stringing Options

Model Tuning / Pitch Notation Tuning/ Octave Notation
4 string Cello  a   d  G  C  A3  D3  G2  C2
5 string Cello High  e'  a  d  G  C  E4  A3  D3  G2  C2
5 string Cello Low  a   d  G  C  'F  A3  D3  G2  C2  F1
6 string Cello  e'  a   d  G  C  'F  E4  A3  D3  G2  C2  F1


4 String Cello Black Stain Satin finish, 2015








5 string Cello V-24  Stringfever UK , re finished in Cherry satin 2014




5 String Cello Custom satin  black Matthias  Bartholomey, Vienna, 2013





4 String Cello V-197 Copy of old early 19c Ceruti, for Ana Rucner June 2011




5 String Cello  2009    in natural satin finish                                                              top of page






1/2 Size Cello                                                                                         top of page

We made this cello as a half size body, with a 1/8 size string length and fingerboard and neck dimensions." ~DBJ 





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